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She's Ba-a-ack!

Margaret Claire is back, standing among newly planted daisies.

Did you know that “Daisy” is a nickname for “Margaret”?

It comes from the French, “Marguerite,” which means both “Margaret,” and “Ox-Eye Daisy”.

Paver Patience

The symbolic plant-meaning of the “Ox-Eye Daisy” is “Patience,” which Ted and Marie both need a lot of, as they anxiously await the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new brick driveway.

Ted started the project way back in March, when he dug (and hauled) 100 year-old reclaimed brick from near the Ambassador Bridge, in Detroit.

Marie thought it would take 4 weeks . . . .

Leelanau County's Latest Craze: Tea!

We learned about the “Light of Day” Plantation and Tea Tasting Room earlier this summer, and we can’t say enough! They grow their own tea, including the prize-winning, “Earl Grey with Cream.”

Before you start your winery tour, you’ve got to tour “Light of Day Organics”! They’re located on M-72 West.

Check out the Light of Day Organics website, available at:


Please ask, if you’re stymied by Parking in Traverse City. We Locals know the best spots!

PLUS: You only have to feed the meters between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Monday – Saturday.

And DO TRY the new Parkmobile App!

Coming Events

July 26th -- July 31st

Traverse City Film Festival

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