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Springtime at Innisfaire


Dear Friends,

Such a conundrum to find myself in: write too much, and irritate my readers; write too little, and not even be a blogger. . . .

Oh, to be Goldilocks, and to write “just enough!”

Hey, wait a minute! I am a Goldilocks.

The Bad News


As karma would have it, just when I was bragging that Margaret Claire, of Innisfaire, was back, someone ran her over, and decapitated her (so to speak) at the knees! And lobbed off her arm, too!

Was I ever mad!

Especially because the guy who ran her over was my neighbor, who had come over to talk to me about his tree falling on our garage. Is nothing sacred these days?

When he left, he accidentally ran over Margaret Claire, and dismembered three of her four limbs! There she lay, flat on her back; while he drove off, sadly oblivious, with impunity.

Still, without further adieux, Margaret assures you, “I’ll be back.”

I'm taking her in to Signs and More this week.

The Good News

Here Comes the Bride

Many of you know that our daughter, Lisa, was married at the end of the summer. She and her husband, Andy, are very happy, living in Grand Rapids. We were so blessed to see lots of family and friends for the event!

Our daughter, Laura, and her husband, Scott, will be moving to Clarkston (from Chicago) this spring!

Can grandchildren be far behind???

You know I'll be insufferable!


It's a Beautiful Morning

We’ve had a few honeymooners stay with us throughout the years, as well as people celebrating their anniversaries.

But this spring, we may have an engagement!

The couple is pretty young, and it’s so sweet! The man told me they will be going on wine tours; and his girlfriend’s favorite wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.

So you know they’ll find a bottle in their room when they arrive.

I’m so nervous!

Dear God, please let her say yes. I don’t know if I can take the pain of rejection. I’ll be dark as the inside of Dick’s hatband if she says no.

And what on earth to serve them if she does say no? Will they be sitting shiva?

And even if she says yes: should it be steak and eggs and caviar? What if they're vegetarian?

And, of course, do I mention my other career: divorce attorney? I think not. Let's try to be happy for a minute, shall we?

Who knew it could be so complicated???

Summer of ‘17

Be that as it may, Ted and I are getting excited for this summer! We already have over 50 reservations, so book early to reserve your dates!

We’re looking forward to lots of reports on wine tours! There are 26 wineries, here on the Leelanau Peninsula, now!

And then there are the cider mills!

And the breweries!

And the restaurants!

And the beaches (don’t forget ours, at the end of the driveway)!

And the sand dunes!

And the Cherry Festival! July 1st – 8th.

And the Film Festival! July 15th – 30th.

And concerts and events at Interlochen!

Maybe next time, I'll tell you about my secrets for cleaning bathtubs!

Looking Forward to Seeing You Soon!


Ted and Marie


Just spoke with the future groom’s sister, who has decided to join the happy couple for the engagement weekend! She assured me the future bride will definitely say yes!

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