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Wish You Were Here!

Dear Friends,

We hope you all are happy and healthy!

We are; except, of course, for adapting to the “new normal.”

As you may already know: Marie is not one who is good at transitions. You need to give her lots of warning and lots of practice; and she will still grumble and complain. (Recall she was a colicky baby.) She’ll change alright, but you’re going to hear about it!

That said, here are some changes that have already taken place at Innisfaire:

  1. The water finally got so high at the beach that MDOT had to remediate. See photos, below.

  2. Essentially, every group event is canceled in Traverse City this summer. The wineries and restaurants and beaches and sand dunes intend to be open, though. We don't know what rules will be in place, or how things will work out. If you have a reservation and want to cancel, please let us know.

  3. We will only be operating on a limited basis, this year. We have a few reservations for this summer, which we are not canceling, but there will be no more of the “Glory Days,” with a houseful of old and new friends. At least not this year.

  4. We are really sad about that. But Marie always, always, always makes lemonade out of lemons. And Ted really likes lemonade. (Also, Marie has a new recipe for limoncello that will make for some fun evenings in the hot tub!)

  5. Along with making lemonade, you do recall that Marie is a rule-following, clean-crazy, sani-nazi. So . . . cleaning and sanitizing have already ramped up, and will stay that way. We have a bottle of sanitizer at the front door. We will be washing our hands like surgeons, wearing masks, keeping our distance, and asking that our guests do the same. No more family-style breakfasts, either.

Last, we want to share some photos and a video that one of our guests, Griffin Boustany, made.They are beautiful, and they made us cry with nostalgia for the “good old days.” Thank you, Griffin.

Miss you guys so much!

Marie and Ted

Big Yellow Excavator Remediating the Erosion from High Water Levels

Little Red Excavator that Accidentally Found Itself Working Down at the Water

The “New Normal” Rocky Beach.(We will rebuild our deck!)

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